I was finally able to update Wygwam to the latest version (3.3.3).

One user has contacted me to tell me he only saw gray fields instead of the normal Wygwam fields.

I told him to empty his brower's cache, which worked. I would like to force to update the cache for Wygwam for all users so they don't have to do a thing. (And don't contact me because they are panicking ;) )

I tried placing CKEDITOR.timestamp = '1.0'; in config.js, but than I get an error in the console: illegal character.

Can someone tell me how to force updating the cache in Wygwam?

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I found where to add a timestamp.

After this code on line 530 in helper.php:


Place this line of code:


The files config.js, styles.js and [your-language].js are now loaded with the new timestamp. But changed code in config.js will not load in the browser. So if anyone has ideas on this, please let me know.

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