Specifically, when a member is logged into their front-end profile templates, and you're viewing the messages in the inbox-folder. The pagination displays only 5 entries per page.

I've tried modifying some parameters in both of the following files:

  • system/codeigniter/system/libraries/Pagination.php
  • system/expressionengine/libraries/EE_Pagination.php

But nothing seems to modify the results in any way. I also wouldn't mind just disabling the pagination altogether, since I use a fancy plugin for it anyways (mix_it_up).

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Really, though, you need to trace backwards through the internals of EE to actually find the core code you need to modify. In /system/expressionengine/libraries/Messages.php:87

var $per_page           = 5;                // Messages on a Folder's Page

But I never recommend modifying core code. But I'm not sure you have much other choice. If I were you, I'd throw together a quick extension, and var_dump($this); die(); on this hook and see if you can just modify that value without modifying core code.


It really depends on your laziness factor for this task.

  • Thanks jrothafer! Figures I didn't see that. As it sits, I've already had to make a fair amount of changes to the Messages.php file anyways. (This is a rather niche site with some extensive needs). However, I DO need to start wrapping my head around utilizing hooks into the site. So I'm going to give that a shot too, for some other aspects of the site.
    – Noah Yamen
    Sep 28, 2015 at 20:00

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