My {segment_3_category_name} works on some pages and not on others

This page it works, it is where it says:All Bend Insensitive Fiber Products http://cohr-dev-ee01.azurewebsites.net/lasers/main/bend-insensitive-fiber

This page it does not work: http://cohr-dev-ee01.azurewebsites.net/lasers/laser/bif-780-l2-bif-rc-780-l2

It is where it says:All Products it should say All Bend Insensitive Fiber Products Cause both of these pages are part of the same category.

  • Is bif-780-l2-bif-rc-780-l2 a category url title or an entry url title?
    – Low
    Sep 29, 2015 at 6:44

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Make sure all your category URL titles are unique, if you have duplicates that can cause this sort of problem.

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