I'm trying to make the Control Panel as stripped down as possible for clients who get confused easily. Is there a way to completely remove the breadcrumbs from the Control Panel? I see various add-ons to manage breadcrumbs, but I don't see a way to completely remove them. I'm using Zoo Admin for my custom menu, but one of my clients gets confused when they see the breadcrumbs below the menu.

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Well, there's a few ways to go about it. First, the easier way, is to see if you can find a Control Panel theme that better matches what you're looking to do.


Search around, perhaps there's already a nice simple theme that will work for you. If not, the better answer is to create you're own theme.


And finally, the less than smart answer; just hide the control by editing a core _shared file. You want to edit this file system/expressionengine/views/_shared/breadcrumps.php and go ahead and add this HTML attribute to the div with id="breadCrumb":

style="visibility: hidden;"
  • Highly recommend you do NOT modify the core file breadcrumbs.php as this will get overwritten on EE update. Commented Oct 7, 2015 at 14:04

Install Control Panel CSS/JS add-on.

Then add the following CSS:

#breadCrumb { display:none; }

Or for slightly better result:

#breadCrumb { height:22px; }
#breadCrumb ol { display:none; }

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