Expression Engine is based on codeignitor framework and codeignitor is developed using core PHP but I want to know which technologies are used by expression engine like it uses angular js,ember js etc. ?

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ExpressionEngine is a purely PHP Content Management System (CMS) framework. As you mentioned, it is currently based off of the CodeIgniter MVC framework.

As for technologies that are required to employ ExpressionEngine ...

-Linux or similar operating system; one capable of serving a PHP agent
-Database functionality, specifically MySQL with a MyISAM modern table engine
 -- EE 2.9+ I've been able to run in production with INNODB table engines...
-Apache 2.x
 -- Many (engineers, host partners, etc..) have been able to run EE on nginx..

EE depends on jQuery, a JavaScript library for front-end display. However, even the newest version (EE 2.10.1) runs on a pretty out-of-date jQuery version. There is an EE 3.0.0-beta out... but I don't know it's technologies. I've played with it and I know it has dropped CodeIgniter as it's core framework.

For frameworks like Angular etc...

EE is agnostic to those type of frameworks. EE doesn't default to using any of them. You can incorporate Angular, Ember, etc.. if you want! EE is a framework, which allows you to place other frameworks on top of it. It's your choice! It's your world.

  • No problem! I think I was in a bad mood when @PeterLweis called me out, but I'm still gad to help. Angular and other JS frameworks are more server <==> client oriented, where as EE is a back-end CMS... it's up to you (or the client) to pick how to exchange data from EE to the browser.
    – jrothafer
    Oct 10, 2015 at 6:54
  • Just to support this answer, EE is indeed agnostic. We've used EE successfully as a "headless" CMS - managing the data and pushing it to an AngularJs front end. Jan 13, 2016 at 11:30

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