Using Cartthrob I have a checkout order form where I would like to send a notification email to an administrator if the user enters their details but leaves the page before completing the order. This would be first step during checkout so I can capture basic details before they proceed to selecting payment terms and completing checkout. I have looked at Postmaster and can't seem to figure how to make it work in my circumstance. Any suggestions?

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ObjectiveHTML wrote up all the variables you would need for Abandon Cart emails in the PostMaster documentation. PostMaster is really powerful and can do a lot of things so I recommend that you use the Getting Started guide to get to terms with all the terminology.

  • Thanks, I have created the notification but when I ping the URL it does not send a mail. Seems like a software issue as couple others also struggling with this.
    – Thomas K
    Nov 12, 2015 at 4:57

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