I'm displaying events as a list (per day) but finding that if a day has more than one event, the day is duplicated, so rather than: 1 2 3 I'm getting 1 2 2 3 where there is more than one event on the 2nd, code is here:

<ul class=" calendar_list no-bullet">
                            {if segment_3 == ''}date_range_start="year-month-01" date_range_end="year-month-last"{/if}
                            {if segment_3 != ""}date_range_start="{segment_3}-{segment_4}-01" date_range_end="{segment_3}-{segment_4}-last" {/if}
                             {if segment_4 == "{current_time format="%m"}"}date_range_start="today" date_range_end="{segment_3}-{segment_4}-last"{/if}

                             {if calendar_no_results}<h3>There are no events for this month</h3>{/if}
                            {!-- {if event_count=="1"}<h1>****{event_start_date format="%F %Y"} | {event_count}</h1>{/if} --} {!-- control date format here for month/year title --}
                            <li class="calendar_list"><h4>{event_start_date format="%j"}<br /><span class="list_month">{event_start_date format="%M"}</span></h4>{!-- control date format here for day/month sub-title i.e. %j = day  %F = month  --}
                                <p>{embed="_embeds/calendar_events_by_day" my_date="{segment_3}-{segment_4}-{event_start_date format="%d"}" event_cat_id="1"}</p>

and embedded code 'calendar_events_by_day' here:

    date_range_start="{embed:my_date}" date_range_end="{embed:my_date}"
    <div class="{if event_type == "Event Type 1"}event_type1{/if}{if event_type == "Event Type 2"}event_type2{/if}{if event_type == "Event Type 3"}event_type3{/if}{if event_type == "Event Type 4"}event_type4{/if}">
    <a href="/{segment_1}/events/{url_title}" class="tips" data-toggle="tooltip" data-placement="top" title="{event_title}">**{event_title}</a><br />
    {if session!=""}{session}<br />{/if}{event_start_date format="%g"}{if event_start_minute > 0}:{event_start_minute}{/if}{if event_end_time != event_start_time && event_end_time != '00:00'}&ndash;{event_end_date format="%g"}{if event_end_minute > 0}:{event_end_minute}{/if}{event_end_date format="%a"}{if:else}{event_start_date format="%a"}{/if}<br /></div>

Any pointers appreciated!

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Highly suggested reading to distinguish Calendar tags:


You should only need {exp:calendar:cal} to display events for a day. No {exp:calendar:events}, no embeds.

Let's say you have this URL: http://example.com/calendar/events/2015/12/25

To display events on December 25th, 2015, you would need only this:


        // Your event data

(Add conditionals based on segment_X if you want something a bit more dynamic. {current_time} is a late-parsed variable, however, so might not parse early enough for the {exp:calendar:cal} tag)

If the range is more than 1 day and you want to display events for each day, you would add the {display_each_day}...{/display_each_day} tag pair around {events}...{/events} so that Calendar loops through each day.

  • Thanks will check out the guide, my situation requires the latter (more than 1 day and you want to display events for each day) as I want to avoid – example: 23 October repeating 2 times, i.e NOT 23 October Event 1 Event 2 --- 23 October --- Event 1 Event 2 --- BUT 23 October Event 1 Event 2 --- 24 October Event 1 --- etc Thanks
    – Kev N
    Commented Oct 23, 2015 at 13:29

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