I've a Channel Field, I create a field-pack drop-down list that works great on the Article page back-end.

Now I need to get all values of that list and output it into the article temple if i do {cuisine:label} it will give me the selected value as set on the back-end when the article was created. But I need all values not only the selected one.

How can I get the full list of that particular channel field - drop down to output it into a template?

The rational is that in the front-end I need to recreate that list and then use those values for search queries. Hence I need value:label pairs so i dont have to replicate the data.


I don't known your complete use case, but a drop down isn't really the right field type to go with, I suspect. You can't output it as you want, and would have to use some front-end jQuery-izing to take the field and convert it into a list.

I would use the Checkboxes field. Ref:


That will allow you to output your values as a list. But as a side note... ever hear of fusion cuisine? :p you might want to allow multiple selections for that field on a content level, because half the world does fusion.

  • What I am trying to do is create a list of all those label:values to use in a sort by/search box for the front-end user. I don't want to have to repeat that list-data manually Oct 28 '15 at 14:51

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