I use EE 2.10.1 and the Template Route Manager to show a specific template at the root of my site (e.g. http://www.example.com/).

My setup in the Template Route Manager resembles the screenshot: enter image description here

I can open /project, /imprint a.s.o., but if I open the root / URL the template is not shown, but just an empty page.

If possible, I don't want to use the Pages modul to achieve that, as this is the only static page I have and it is hardcoded.

How can I assign a template to the root of a page by using Template Route Manager?

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I don't think you can. You also don't need to do that. The template file you are wanting to be your homepage is already called index.


Set your site template group as your default template group via this setting, and it automatically will make site/index your root.


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