I'm not sure if this is a problem with Matrix or Store.

With the following code:

{if modifier_name=="Linen"}
<input type="radio" name="{modifier_input_name}" id="{modifier_input_name}-{option_id}" value="{option_id}">
<label for="{modifier_input_name}-{option_id}" class="swatch-label">
  {product_fabric_swatches search:product_type="=Linen" search:product_swatch_name="={option_name}"}
  <img src="{exp:ce_img:single src='{product_swatch}'">

I get this output:

<label for="modifiers_13-61"> "}
    <img src="…/1-0003-0001_60_60.jpg" data-src="…/1-0003-0001_800_533.jpg">

You can see it outputs the label and associated image but it's not filtering on the {option_name} and there's a stray "} after the label which appears to be the closing of the Matrix tag.

If I replace {option_name} with one of the values entered into Matrix, then I get the output I expect, but obviously only for a single row.

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Managed to solve this with an embedded template.

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