This is the site with 2 category names in the blog:


News Picture Lights.

I would like it to show this when there are 2 or more category names

News / Picture Lights

Would I use 'if' statements? I have tried but had no success.


You can use some variables from the Channel Categories loop to execute this.



Inside of your Channel Categories loop:

{category_name} {if count != total_results}/{/if}

This places a / after each category name until you reach your last sequence of the loop.

Edit Oops, of course you have it in a {exp:channel:entries} loop. Here is your answer:


Use the backspace param to cut off the end of your last loop. Example:

{categories backspace="2"}

    <a href="{path='blog'}">{category_name}</a> /


This will remove the last character of the last loop, the /. You might need to adjust the backspace number depending on your formatting.

  • Thanks, I've got it in an entry tag. - so I don't think that will work. {exp:channel:entries channel="blog" limit="1" disable="member_data|pagination"} Category: {categories}<a href="{path="blog"}">{category_name} {if count != total_results}/{/if}</a>{/categories} </div> </div> {/exp:channel:entries} – user6821 Nov 6 '15 at 14:32
  • @user6821 I edited my answer to give you a better answer. – jrothafer Nov 6 '15 at 14:43

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