I have and existing channel with existing entries. I added a new custom field, a radio button group, with options YES/NO, with the default option being YES.

The field is now available in the edit entry form but it has no value set until I click an option (YES) and then save the form.

Is there a way to set/publish the default value for all existing entries?

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You'll have to run a query on the database to set the past entries' values for this new field:

UPDATE exp_channel_data SET field_id_XX = 'YES' WHERE field_id_XX == '' AND channel_id = X;

Just replace XX with the correct field_id and X with the correct channel_id.

And, as with anytime you run a write query on the database, back it up first!

  • I had to change the double '==' to a single '=' and then it worked.
    – JonkBok
    Commented Nov 12, 2015 at 11:18

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