I need to be able to duplicate a site as a new MSM site and keep my Low Variables settings, values, titles, descriptions, field types, etc.

Is there a solution. I would hate to have to recreate 80 of these every time I need a new MSM site.

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As far as I know, there isn't an automated way of doing this for many major third party add-ons.

For example, I recently had to branch out a few channels from a site into its own MSM site. One of the channels had a Matrix field. In that matrix field was an Assets column. Oh boy, was that fun. I had to make a template (pure PHP) that functioned as an import script from the main site to the new MSM site. I learned a bunch along the way; I had to reverse engineer the Assets add-on database schema to get it correct. The benefit is that I now have a solid script for that process.

Sorry, not much of an answer, more of an experience recounting. I will have to do that again for sure (we have a stupidly huge site that we are breaking out to MSM piece by piece), so it was worth getting right.

  • I played around with the database and exported the table associated with the low variables. I may be able to do some with with that and create some type of process that I can import in another set of variables but it's going to get tricky as I continue to add MSM sites. It seems like it would be a standard functionality to be able to do this. I guess I'm hoping someone has the magic wand.
    – lanceb
    Nov 21, 2015 at 4:34

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