I have a channel called services. The entries from that channel are used to populate a dropdown menu & a sidebar menu.

The problem is that there are some services that have sub-services.

I need to display only the parent services in the dropdown menu but need to display the parents with their children in the sidebar menu.

How can I do this when all services are in the same channel and there are no categories to create a nested list of parents & children services?

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When I needed to have a certain set of entries available on a dropdown (vs all on the sub-nav), I did this by adding another field to the channel. So say you add a field (P&T Pill?) for "Entry Type" ("cf_services_entry_type"). You have two options: Parent / Child. Then you can filter your entries based on those options. So your main menu would be

{exp:channel:entries channel="services" search:cf_services_entry_type="parent" dynamic="no}

Creating the sub-menu would be a little trickier because your entries don't know who their parent is (or do you have a field set up for that?) So Yuri's suggestion of using a relationship field would probably be necessary to accomplish this.

  • It looks like a combination of the related entry & assigning each entry either as a parent or a child with another custom field did the trick. Thanks for the suggestions.
    – mediapimp
    Nov 24, 2015 at 20:04

Option 1: use Structure add-on.

Option 2: keep submenus within "root level" entries (e.g. using Relationship field)

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