How can we easy check if the {order_subtotal} has a minimum of 50.00 on the first checkout page in Store. {order_subtotal} holds the amount together with the currency indicator and can therefor not be used for evaluating the amount with a simple if conditional.

Is there another tag with the only the value of the sub_total? Or do we need to manipulate with PHP here?

We want to deactivate the Continue button in the checkout process if the sub_total is not 50.00 (or whatever amount) and show a message.


You can add _val to any price variables to get the unformatted version in any of the store tags (orders, product, checkout, cart) to use in conditionals.

All price variables are pre-formatted according to your currency formatting settings. If you want the unformatted amount, simply append _val to the variable.

It is mentioned in the docs in passing here.

So in your checkout template you will want to have something along the lines of:

{if order_subtotal_val > 50}
 Your Subtotal is over $50.00 logic
 Lets add some more items to the cart your subtotal isn't $50.00
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  • Very good,thanks. A more prominent place in the docs for this information could help too. – Werner Gusset Dec 6 '15 at 7:32

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