I currently have a summary page that displays the links to 5 product categories (with a product image for each category) - the user clicks on an image is taken to a new page that displays all the products in that category.

What I now need to do is have a new product category (c6) with 3 sub-categories (c6-a), with each of these sub-categories potentially have multiple sub-categories (c6-a-1).

c6 > c6-a/c6-b/c6-c > c6-a-1/c6-a-2/c6-a-3 ...etc

The problem I'm having is getting EE to display the categories inside the 1st level of sub-category (c6-a) on a single page. So that the user can select c6 from the top level of product categories, & then see the c6-a/c6-b/c6-c sub-categories displayed on a new page, and then click from that selection to see a single page displaying the products in, for example, the c6-a-1 sub-category (and then choose a product to view).

There would also need to be a breadcrumb trail at the top of each page...

Any help with this would be very much appreciated!!! Many thanks.

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The GWcode Categories addon should get you what you need.

You basically pick a starting point first to get a list of categories and then narrow it down by choosing from a wide variety of parameters. Your starting point can be:>

  • One or more channels by using the channel parameter (to get the categories for those channels);
  • One or more category groups by using the group_id parameter (to get the categories for those category groups);
  • An entry (to get the categories the entry has been added to);
  • A category (to get its child categories, or parent categories).

The GWcode CatMenu might fit the bill a little better. It dynamically creates multi-level navigation menus. I was trying to do the same thing a couple weeks ago with conditionals for GWcode Categories and realized this plugin did exactly what I needed out of the box. Look at the examples on the site for different solutions.

  • Many thanks for the reply Siebird - I had got stuck trying to do this with GWcode Categories... So will definitely try again GWcode CatMenu. Thanks.
    – MGX
    Jan 10, 2013 at 11:30

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