I'm trying to find a way of allowing a client to mark specific product modifiers as tax free, can it be done somehow?

For example, a shoe at certain sizes (for children) will be tax free but other sizes will remain taxable at the normal rate.

I should also point out that they don't want to create another category for the tax free products. They would rather have a checkbox to say this size is tax free (or similar).



There is nothing built into Store outside of categories but even with that you can't have a modifier that is a different category then the rest of the entry.

You will need to write an extension that creates a new variation type that they could select from the drop down on the publish page. In your variation you will still was a name and price field but you would then add a tax free checkbox. From there you would have to add the logic to prevent taxi from being applied based upon your new variation column when items are add/edit in the cart. You should take a look at the available extension hooks.

  • Thanks for confimation Justin, I thought that might be the case on this occasion. So I'll have to see if the client wants to proceed with a custom extension.
    – Wes
    Dec 10 '15 at 10:24

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