I have a network of 3 sites that have the exact same channels and design - just different entries. Is there a way to use the same theme for all three sites rather than having to duplicate the theme and maintain 3 different sets of files?

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Yes, it can be done. One way would be to turn on Save Templates as Files as in your Global Template Preferences, so your templates get saved to /system/expressionengine/templates/ and you can share between sites. You'll also need to update the Server path to site's templates accordingly.

Or, even more simple, you could maintain one set of "master" templates and in your secondary sites simply use {embed=site_a:group/template} as appropriate.

That said, if you have "different entries", won't the content of templates be different as well, if only because you need to specify a different channel= parameter? The second method has the advantage of allowing you to only replicate certain templates and not others, of course, maintaining full control over your setup.

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