I am using EE 3.0.5 and I am trying to get the first-party feed parser to work. I have installed the module with no problems via the add-on manager. I am using the sample code provided in the docs. I have a template consisting of nothing but

{exp:rss_parser url="https://ellislab.com/blog/rss-feed" limit="10"}
        <li><a href="{item_link}">{item_title}</a></li>

The feed is valid, but EE returns an empty page, i.e. nothing at all. Any bright ideas? Any logs I could check? Has anybody managed to get the plugin to work with EE 3?


After some more digging, I found the reason: the parser can’t handle https feeds, including EllisLab’s own and fails silently.

Update: This might be my own fault. Putting {if feed_error}{feed_error}{/if}in my template, I get

RSS Parser Error: cURL error 60: 
SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate 

so there might be a problem with my setup. Certainly worth investigating.

Update 2: Got it to work. My server didn't have the necessary public keys installed. Following this advice, I was able to get it to work.

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