Has anyone ever seen the ability to make shipping optional in Cart Throb? What I am looking for is an option to have an order shipped or pick it up in store and not pay the shipping cost?


I'm sure this would be possible, but it would likely involve creating a shipping plugin.

You could save custom order or item data when adding a product to the cart. And your shipping plugin would check if that data exists and return 0 if it does.



As long as the alternative method of shipping is simple enough, we usually use the Customer Selectable Flat Rates shipping method to allow for this option.

One of our clients has the default set to Standard with a flat shipping fee, but also an additional option for Pick Up in Store at no cost. You could also add in other options for Ground, Express, 2-day, etc.

If the alternative method of shipping is more complicated such as live rates or By Location/Weight, we then create a custom plugin based on their preferred shipping plugin but simply adding in Pick Up in Store to the array of options manually.

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