Are there any plans to upgrade Wygwam to be compatible with ExpressionEngine 3?

If not, any recommendations or issues on upgrading to EE3 and changing editors?

Thanks, Carol


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According to Brandon Kelly, it is supposed to be on its way.


I don't think they have a published road map for EE3 add-ons yet. Personally, I wouldn't start any new site with EE3 just yet, and every license you buy is active for EE2.10.1 for the time being. Anytime there is a left-of-the-dot change, there is a long period of uptake. They dropped CI as a core engine for EE, so it's possible there are a lot of little changes that make it harder to upgrade add-ons. Also, P&T (Brandon Kelly) is pretty busy with Craft CMS.

Check this list for EE3 compatible add-ons.


Also, Expresso is planing on an early 2016 release of Expresso, a competing CKEditor based editor, for EE3.


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