I am using EE's built in contact form feature ({exp:email:contact_form}) on my site and it works great.

The issue I have is that the user is shown the following EE page on submit:

enter image description here

This looks really unprofessional and breaks the experience of the site. Is there a way I can stop this page from being shown? I have tried playing around with the redirect settings but no luck.

Alternatively would there be a way to style the page? For e.g If I was able to add classes to the elements on the page I could hide them in CSS

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You can use the parameter return to set the page you want to go to.

The message page can be styled in the control panel. Go to design -> message templates -> user message.

  • Perfect! That part about the message page allowed me style that page, solving the problem. Thanks :)
    – Mikey
    Jan 19, 2016 at 13:53

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