I'm extending the Channel module entries() method in my custom plugin and am trying to figure out how to include the search: parameter. I get that the search parameters are an array accessed via ee()->TMPL->search_fields, but I can't figure out how to pass that data to the method. Here's what I have (simplified):

public function entries()
    $channel = ee()->TMPL->fetch_param('channel');
    $search_fields = ee()->TMPL->search_fields;

    return $this->_channel_entries($channel, $search_fields);

private function _channel_entries( $channel='', $search_fields=array() )
    ee()->TMPL->tagparams = array(
        'channel' = $channel,
        'disable' = 'member_data|pagination|categories'

    ee()->TMPL->search_fields = $search_fields;

    if (! class_exists('channel'))
      require_once PATH_MOD.'channel/mod.channel.php';

  $channel = new Channel;

  return $channel->entries();

How do I give the entries() method access to the search_fields data?

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If those methods are in your own plugin/module, then the search:foo parameters won't be added to the search_fields property. That only happens for the channel:entries tag. For any other tag, those parameters are present in the ee()->TMPL->tagparams array. So, to pass them on to the native Channel::entries(), read the param from the tagparams array, strip the search: prefix from the key, and set the search_fields array before calling the entries method.

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