I have a grid field, which contains a relationship field. The related entries have an image field. I want to dig down to the image credit, description, etc.

Here's what I thought ought to work:

            {credit}<br />

It didn't work, and I've tried so many variations with syntax, etc., that I don't even want to try to post them all here. Suffice to say it's been a lot and I haven't hit on an answer yet.

Any thoughts?

  • What type of field is "image_field"?
    – Cheyney
    Jan 26 '16 at 22:43
  • Have your tried something like: {image_field:credit} - It's really hard to tell help as since your "image_field" would have to be some sort of grid in itself to hold all that info.
    – Cheyney
    Jan 26 '16 at 22:50
  • It's just a standard File field type. Usually you can access the credit, description, etc., within the tag pair for the field (see documentation: docs.expressionengine.com/latest/fieldtypes/…). But I haven't hit a way to drill down to it in the scenario described above.
    – Matthew
    Jan 27 '16 at 21:42

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