Exp:resso Store v1.6.5 on ExpressionEngine v2.10.2

I have an integration using PayPal Express working just fine with callbacks, however with WorldPay as alternative payment provider, there's an error on the callback:

Error reported: Callback to http://www.example.com/?ACT=24&H=8fbe37725478025650b33d945595c1cc: NOT OK, received HTTP status: 403


POST /?installation=1234567&ACT=24&msgType=authResult&H=8fbe37725478025650b33d945595c1cc


HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden This form has expired. Please refresh and try again.

The data going from WorldPay to EE looks OK but the callback URL isn't functioning correctly.

A successful upgrade of EE from 2.9.2 to v2.10.2 did not resolve the issue.

Any ideas? Thanks.


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This issue with Exp:resso Store v1.6.5 was unresolved, but a paid upgrade to Store v2.5.1 solved the problem - no more callback failures on the live site.

Some additional configuration is required on upgrading from Store v1 to v2, however the upgrade was pretty smooth:



United Kingdom doesn't seem to be included in the default delivery countries for some reason. WorldPay settings need checked and re-entered where necessary.

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