I am running

  • EE 2.5.2
  • Playa 4.3.3
  • Matrix 2.4.3

I have a matrix field inside channel entries pair tag. The first column in that matrix is a playa field type. That playa field relates to a matrix on another site that is run by MSM.

This is all generating a table in my template.

what i have so far

I have successfully pulled the playa children using the following:

{matrix_field} <tr> {if plhotel} <!--playa column--> <td> {exp:playa:children site="mysite" field="hotels" limit="1"} {hotel-name} <!--desired playa value--> {/exp:playa:children} </td> {/if} <td>{other matrix value}</td> <td>{other matrix value}</td> </tr> {/matrix_field}

my issue

I need for the playa tag to pull one child per row. This is almost certainly an issue with how I've constructed the loop, I'm openly admitting this. I can't seem to prevent the playa loop from displaying all children in the first row. As you'll see I've even tried setting limit="1" in the tag which I almost knew would fail. This produced the same child in all rows of the table (still not correct).

Any advice is appreciated.

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Not sure if this will create any parse issues, but here's a restructure for you:

{if plhotel} <!--playa column-->
{exp:playa:children site="mysite" field="hotels"}     
        {hotel-name} <!--desired playa value-->
        {other matrix value}
        {other matrix value}

{!-- and if you still need to output something even if not plhotel, just use an if:else and repeat your structure --}


I don't have a particular playa/matrix set up in mind I can test the possible parse issues in, so give it a whirl.

  • Thanks for the reply. When I move the {exp:playa…} tags just out to just inside of the matrix field tags, it renders nothing. I had tried this once before but ran it again just so I could accurately describe the outcome. So it not only doesn't display it's children it also doesn't display any of the successive matrix tag content… I guess that would be considered a parse issue. (still new to EE) I've also tried a few more variations of your suggestion but pushing the playa tags out seems to always result in disrupting any following matrix info.
    – visyoual
    Commented Feb 4, 2016 at 20:02

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