I am a newbie to Expression Engine, and am trying to help a local nonprofit with an EE site that was hacked. The details of the hack are unclear.

Their admin page was at a specific URL which now no longer renders the administrative login page. Instead, it renders the site's "home" page (root path.)

Specifically, /main, the admin page, redirects to /main/index.php, which then renders the same content as '/' would have.

My question is - where would you advise me to look for the start of the redirect chain, or to figure out why main/index.php simply renders what /index.php does?

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I would start with looking at the index.php file in the /main directory.

Open it up to verify it's contents. Is it the same as the index.php file for the home page/root of the website? If so, you need to simply find the original admin.php file for that install or download another one. Next, rename the admin.php file from admin.php to index.php and move it into the /main folder.

Make sure you remap the /system folder relative path in the new /main/index.php file.

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