I'm having problems with an MSM install into an existing site (EE 2.9 / MSM 2.1.7) where non super admins can't switch to the added sites.

The links in the site switching dropdown look like admin.php?/cp/sites&site_id=1&page=XXX and admin.php?/cp/sites&site_id=2&page=XXX and when you click on them as a super admin you get redirected to whatever page you're on. But when logged in as a non-super admin you actually end up on admin.php?/cp/sites&site_id=2&page=XXX which is where the error message appears.

I've changed cp_session_type to cookies only and I've checked that the member group has the necessary privileges.

What else should I be looking at?

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Member group settings are unique per site. Make sure that group has access to the control panel for the sites you wish them to have access on.

  • Just double checked again and yes, the member group does have CP access for both sites.
    – Tyssen
    Feb 24, 2016 at 2:53

It turns out that /system/expressionengine/libraries/Sites.php is unique to each MSM installation and needs to be downloaded from your account for the licence # it's associated with. You can't just copy a previously downloaded version of MSM over.

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