I’m new to EE and coming from a Drupal background. I’m enjoying learning EE.

Question: How do I display the fields from a custom channel into tabs?

A perfect example I would like to replicate is this page here:


You will notice that there are 4 tabs below the product and when in a mobile view, the tabs are compressed to a mobile like menu. I would like each custom field to be displayed in a tab.

Can EE do anything similar ??

Thanks in advanced! Rob

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WElcome, this question is a staple of EE. WHilst we can show you how to capture the information and give you the basics, you'll need CSS & JS to complete the functionaity.

So, lets create a channel named "products" in EE with the following fields:

  • detail - Textarea (or WYSIWYG)
  • image - File upload
  • tab01 - Textarea (or WYSIWYG)
  • tab02 - Textarea (or WYSIWYG)
  • tab03 - Textarea (or WYSIWYG)

As you may see we're cpaturing the data we need into their own little areas which we'll now use in a template.

{exp:channel:entries channel="products"}
  <img src="{image}/>
  <div class="tab-group">
    <a href="#tab1">Tab Name</a>
    <a href="#tab2">Tab Name</a>
    <a href="#tab3">Tab Name</a>
    <a href="#tab4">Tab Name</a>
  <div class="tab-items'>
    <div id="tab1" class="active">
    <div id="tab2">
    <div id="tab3">
    <div id="tab4">

Then for the JS:

//Found this here: http://jsfiddle.net/R85tE/293/ but there are a million other ways to do this.
$('.tab-items div').hide();
$('.tab-items div:first').show();

$('.tab-group li').click(function() {
    $('.tab-group li a').removeClass("active");
    $('.tab-items div').hide();

    var indexer = $(this).index(); //gets the current index of (this) which is #nav li
    $('#tab-content div:eq(' + indexer + ')').fadeIn(); //uses whatever index the link has to open the corresponding box 

Hopefully this will get you started!

  • Hey thanks for this! I will try this out. I appreciate it :)
    – RSantos
    Commented Mar 22, 2016 at 21:06

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