I would like to break out my pagination code into a separate embed file as the same code is used in multiple templates. However when I do it's just spitting out EE tags into the page rather than parsing them.

Is this a parse order issue? Is it possible to achieve this?


  <div class="card card-horizontal clearfix event-list 
    {if segment_2 == 'weekly'}hidden-xs-up{/if}" 
    {if segment_2 == 'weekly'}data-day="#{event_start_date  format='%D'}"{/if}
    <div id="events-carousel" class="carousel slide" data-ride="carousel">
    {event_images cover_only="yes"}     
      <a href="/iba-kids/events/{url_title}">
        <img class="card-img-top img-fluid" src="{image:url:medium}" alt="{image:title}">
    <div class="card-block">
      <h4 class="card-title">{title}</h4>
      <p class="card-text">{exp:power_truncate length="110" cut_words="n" suffix="..."}{event_snippet}{/exp:power_truncate}</p>
      <a class="btn btn-primary category" href="/iba-kids/events/{url_title}">Read Article</a>      



Embed Code:

          <ul class="pagination pagination-lg">
            <li class="page-item">
              <a class="page-link" href="{pagination_url}" aria-label="First Page">First</a>
            <li class="page-item">
              <a class="page-link {if current_page}active{/if}" href="{pagination_url}">{pagination_page_number}</a>
            <li class="page-item">
              <a class="page-link" href="{pagination_url}" aria-label="Last Page">Last</a>

          <ul class="pagination pagination-lg pull-xs-right">
            <li class="page-item">
              <a class="page-link" href="{pagination_url}" aria-label="Previous">Previous</a>
            <li class="page-item">
              <a class="page-link" href="{pagination_url}" aria-label="Next">Next</a>
  • can you provide an example of your channel entries loop with the embed? – Jim Wyse Mar 30 '16 at 19:57
  • Hey Jim, just added the code to the post. Thanks – KoalaKid Mar 30 '16 at 20:03
  • You need to use a snippet instead for the pagination code, as an embed is parsed completely separately and after the parent template is parsed. – Peter Lewis Mar 31 '16 at 6:59

Most likely a parse order issue http://loweblog.com/downloads/ee-parse-order.pdf Embeds are processed after module tags.

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