I have two channels that use one custumfield group. One channel is for placing a entry without sign-up en the another with sign-up.

"melding_vrij" and "melding_login"

{exp:channel:entries channel="melding_vrij" limit="12" disable="member_data|pagination" dynamic="off" cache="yes" refresh="600"} {if afbeeldingen !=""} {exp:ce_img:pair src="{afbeeldingen}" max="80" quality="30"} {/exp:ce_img:pair} {/if} {tekst} {/exp:channel:entries}

If I use "melding_login" it display all entry's but if I use channel "melding_vrij" it gives a blank page. If I remove the CE img tag it works fine. It always worked fine but suddenly it's not working anymore and I can not understand why

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Presumably then the issue is with the field afbeeldingen - are you sure it has a value defined in both channels?

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