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Does anyone know if there's a way to require a path variable in a page?

I have a page in EE (3.3.0) such as this:


Where "oatmeal" is a title of an entry. So when I link to it, I do this:


Works great. But if someone just navigates to www.bakers.com/site/cookies/ it will just list all of the cookies in a big long list. I'd like to present either a 404 or a custom page.


Not sure if this is a job for hidden templates...


sorry for the previous post.

You just need to add require_entry="yes" in you channel:entries tag -

  {exp:channel:entries channel="cookies" require_entry="yes" }

This parameter tells the channel tag that it should expect the URL to contain a valid entry ID or a valid URL title. If an ID is not found in the URL, the tag will not display any data.

  • nice welcome :)
    – Namrata
    Apr 25 '16 at 7:09

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