I just inherited an EE 1.6.7 project. I'm attempting to log into /system in my local dev environment and each time I'm just redirected to the CP login page, which does not have any images or styles.

I remember from way back when that it's doing this because the Site URL & other paths don't match. I also remember (and was just reminded when I blew things up) that I can't modify these values in the database directly.

What's the solution to be able to log into the CP homepage in a different environment than what's stored in the database?


I tried a number of different options to try to get this to work. Dug up a post on setting 1.6.7 to use dynamic URLs & paths to try to enable the CP in my local dev environment:


When I was still unable to log in, I ended up following this advice:

Generally it helps to change admin part to session only or cookies only, I like session only but it seems some hosting companies have session encrypted and that can cause problems. Also, in Chrome I have extension for cookies, so I delete cookies when such things happen. And second problem I can have is when I do test, login to test without a problem, go to production, and cannot login or when I go from one client to another on another server only because I opened different CPs several times.

Try that ... change session only or cookies and session to cookies only or vice versa, delete browser cache and try again OR of you do it several times and it does not work, wait for few minutes.

Simply clearing the cache & deleting cookies did not work. I had to change the following from:

$conf['admin_session_type'] = "c";


$conf['admin_session_type'] = "s";

Then I was able to log in.


When this happens to me, I clear browser cache and add the following into my config file:

$conf['cookie_domain'] = "";
$conf['cookie_path'] = "";
$conf['cookie_prefix'] = "";
$conf['admin_session_type'] = "cs"  
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    Part of the problem I ended up tracking down was that I had my full localhost URL for cookie_domain. I.e., client.clearbold.localhost:8888. The :8888 had to go. Jan 11 '13 at 20:49

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