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Hello, Hope somebody can help? I only have very little experience with EE. I want to remove the company name - marked with yellow (see picture). Can anybody tell me how to - and where to do it. I am using Seo Lite?? Many thanks.

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It depends on how it was set up by the developer, but possibly all you will need to do is update the SEO Lite Template.

Go to Add-ons > Modules > Seo Lite and check what's in the template field. I'm guessing the {site_name} variable is what you'll want to remove (or possibly the actual text "zumoQR - DK"), but hard to know without seeing your setup.

Documentation: http://wedoaddons.com/seo-lite/configuration

Edit your original question to add more detail if you are still stuck after checking your SEO Lite settings.


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