What I am trying to do is combine the output of 2 channels. They both have an image with a different name so I am trying to check the channel to determine the which image I need to output. Code below.

{exp:channel:entries channel="work"  dynamic="no" limit="3"}
            <a href="http://leith.co.uk/getting-blokes-thinking-drinking/">
               {if channel=="work"}
                <div class="latest-post latest-column" style="background-image:url({work_main_image});">
                {if:elseif channel == 'latest'}
                   <div class="latest-post latest-column" style="background-image:url({latest_main_image});">
                <div class="latest-title"> {title}</div>

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try using

channel_short_name == "work"

You can find the short name in the list of channels.

Also in your channel tag, you'll need to specify both channels.


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