EE3, Channel Settings. It allows you to specify a URL prefix, i.e. to help the user fill in this field. Nice, i can start every URL with /book/ or /album/... Good for organisation and SEO love.

However, prefixes including slashes are seen as spaces, and spaces are not allowed. Error message: This field cannot contain spaces

Am i being a dummy, is there a good reason for this, or?


You can't include forward slashes in the URL Title because EE breaks up every URL using pathinfo, and always treats the first two segments of the URL as template group/template. (See docs on URL structure.)

If you want to organize your content into "types" via the URL for SEO purposes, I'd use template groups (or template routes) to achieve this instead.

  • Of course - i was thinking of Pages URL, and not URL_Title. Jun 9 '16 at 15:52

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