Maybe I am missing something as I am surprised this has not been more documented, but how do you "subscribe" to a calendar feed generated by Solspace Calendar?

My expected result would be that after adding a calendar by URL in Google Calendar, any changes I make to the calendar's events in EE would be reflected in Google Calendar.

The URLs I have tried (as per this question) are:

  • http://mydomain.com/events/icalendar-template
  • webcal://mydomain.com/events/icalendar-template

where /events/icalendar-template looks like this {exp:calendar:icalendar}{/exp:calendar:icalendar} and spits out the .ics file on direct visit via http://

On adding the calendar in Google Calendar, the events are correctly pulled through initially, but then don't update when I make changes in the EE.

I have also tried using a query string for the URL (as per this thread) just in case the problem was Google Calendar's but that hasn't fixed it.

EE version: 2.9.0, SC version: 1.8.9

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Frustratingly, having tested this now also in OS X Calendar, the syncing seems to be working fine (I set the refresh rate to every 5 minutes as a test). It seems then like this is just an issue with Google Calendar - either that it is not syncing or is syncing very rarely.

Looks like I'll be spending a bit of time having a look through this thread!

So in summary, it seems like the above URLs (http://mydomain.com/events/icalendar-template and webcal://mydomain.com/events/icalendar-template) do work to subscribe to a calendar generated by Solspace Calendar with the above template {exp:calendar:icalendar}{/exp:calendar:icalendar} code. I should not that I have not thoroughly tested or explored the difference between the two protocols.

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