I have created a module for Expression Engine 3, which includes two functions.

  1. search_form
  2. search_results

search_form returns a form into my template.

search_entries is actioned by search_form upon the forms submission. This function then completed my queries, returning an array of entry_id.

My question, is how can I then return those entry ids back to the template, and output them through a channel entries tag?

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I had similar situation this week. I've made two functions - one for the form template tag and second is action callback that works with form data.

In this manner I could output information with ee()->output->show_message(). Like this:

$data = array(
  'title' => 'Search Results',
  'heading' => 'Search Results',
  'content' => "content as a string. wrapped as system message"

That was not what I was looking for :( So I've switched to post->redirect->get pattern and added another template tag for showing search results.

In general, now I have 3 methods inside base module class:

search_form constructs html for the form and returns it

search_submit is processing data passed after form submit, saves results into $_SESSION variable and redirects user to template with search results tag.

search_results reads data from $_SESSION, creates $variables array and returns it with ee()->TMPL->parse_variables(ee()->TMPL->tagdata, $variables).

class Custom_search {
  function search_form() {
    $action_id = ee()->functions->fetch_action_id('Custom_search', 'search_form_submit');
    $form_data = array(
      'action' => ee()->functions->create_url(ee()->uri->uri_string),
      'hidden_fields' => array(
         'ACT' => $action_id,
         'return_url' => ee()->functions->create_url('template_group/search_results')
    $tag_data = ee()->TMPL->tagdata;
    $form = ee()->functions->form_declaration($form_data) . $tag_data . "</form>";
    return $form;

  function search_form_submit() {
    //do something with input
    $_SESSION['custom_search']['query'] = "search query here";
    $_SESSION['custom_search']['results'] = $results;

  function search_result() {
    //create $vars array from your results here
    return ee()->TMPL->parse_variables(ee()->TMPL->tagdata, $vars);

And you'll have two template files - one with search form template tag

  <input type="text" placeholder="Search..." name="query" />
  <input type="submit" name="submit" value="go" />

and another with results tag

  <p>Your query: {query}</p>
  <p>Results found: {total_results}</p>

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