So, I'm doing a filtration of my search results. I'm using checkboxes.

In order to get the colours I need to filter with, I loop through all the entries and run it through stash to get rid of duplicates. Then I put these values in a checkbox-input.

This works great when just looking in one custom field, but with 4 custom fields, not so much.

I can loop out everything as I'm supposed to, but the submitting value needs to be the name of the field it should search in. Meaning the name="farg[]" should be name="frg_2[]" and so on.

The colour "Yellow" can be in any/all of the customs fields, hence me having to run it through stash to get rid of duplicates.

Running supersearch 3.1.4 and EE 3.3.3. Any suggestions?

Here's the code.

        {!-- Loops out all the colours and stores in list --}
            {exp:stash:set_list name="farger" trim="yes" parse_tags="yes"}
                {exp:channel:entries search:typ="keramik" channel="produkter"}
                    {if farg != ''}
                    {if frg_2 != ''}
                    {if frg_3 != ''}
                    {if frg_multi != ''}

        {!-- Get list, loop out with color name, avoid duplicates --}
            <div class="filter-holder">
                    <div class="filter-name">
                            {if super_search_farg == '{farger}'}checked{/if}
                            <label for="{farger}"><span></span>{farger}</label>


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Solved it! So, once again, I'll answer my own question.

Instead of having the colours in 4 different custom fields, I put them all in one grid, with 4 fields. That way, I can do a search in the grid, and not on a specific color-field.

Boom! Magic! :) Hope this helps someone else too.

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