Working with the default templates in Expresso-Store and am getting the following error when trying to add to cart; please note that the default tax rate has been set.

Error Number: 1364

Field 'tax_override' doesn't have a default value

insert into exp_store_orders (order_hash, billing_same_as_shipping, billing_country, billing_state, shipping_country, shipping_state, shipping_method, weight_units, dimension_units, site_id, order_date, ip_address, ip_country, return_url, cancel_url) values ('dd3c64ebe03881dd2dbc8d33185332c2', 1, 'US', 'NE', 'US', 'NE', '', 'lb', 'in', '1', 1467737126, '', NULL, 'http://www.heartlandclassics.info/store_example/product/related-product-test', 'http://www.heartlandclassics.info/store_example/product/related-product-test')

Filename: third_party/store/vendor/expressodev/laravel-codeigniter-db/src/CodeIgniterConnection.php

Line Number: 145


We found that we needed to turn off strict MySQL on the server and the tax issue was resolved.

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