I have some legacy code that was using mx_jumper successfully. On updating to EE 2.11.2 the code no longer works.

The context is a Matrix field with rows including:

  • A text field called {item_desc}
  • An Assets field called {item_img}, containing 0, one or more images

Each Matrix row instance of {item_desc} may include placeholder text referring to an image in {item_img}. For example, in a placeholder such as {img_3_1}, 3 is the row count and 1 is the image count within the Assets field.

My legacy snippet, running within each Matrix row, has code including this…

    {exp:mx_jumper:put name="img_{row_count}_{count}"}
    <figure{if item_img_align} class="{item_img_align}"{/if}>
      <img src="{url}" alt="{alt_text}">
      {if caption}<figcaption{if keywords} class="{keywords}"{/if}>{caption}</figcaption>{/if}


But on EE 2.11.2 this no longer works.

I can't figure a way to use quotes or wrapping {} within the mx_jumper name parameter to get it to play ball.

But I'm sure there's a better way to do this using Stash.

I've had a look at Mark Croxton's Replacing matrix image slugs into another field but I can't figure how to adapt it for my above context.

I'm aware of inefficiencies within my old approach, but at this point I just need to get it working again without having to change content.

Any help much appreciated.

My above code has been updated to correct errors made when originally posted.

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Robin Sowell of EllisLab pointed me to the solution, via a ticket, which was to move exp:mx_jumper:out_global out of the snippet into the embed that was calling it.

Converting the above approach to Stash can wait for another day.

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