I am a EE dev novice. I have created a practice website to learn EE. I am having trouble getting the entries for my channel to show here in the "endorsements section":


I am not sure if the error is in the dashboard side of things or in the code.

I made a channel called "endorsements", made a field group called "endorsements". Assigned that field within the channel, made the fields "endorsement_image"/"endorsement_name"/"endorsement", then made one entry, and hard coded the following code in my template:

{exp:channel:entries channel="endorsements" related_categories_mode="yes" dynamic="no" custom_fields="yes" sort="asc" limit="3" status="open"}
        <div class="4u 12u(mobile)">

        <section class="highlight">
        <a href="#" class="image featured"><img src="{endorsement_image:mid-size}" alt="{title} photo" /></a>
                <ul class="actions">
                <li><a href="#" class="button style1">Learn More</a></li>

Nothing shows in the browser despite all my efforts to troubleshoot. Also, I'm not sure which attributes are necessary here to make this work, I'm just throwing everything I can at it. I have category group "endorsements" category group and a custom field group? Do I even need that for this?

Can someone help me find where the problem is to make this show in the browser?


I figured it out. Too many stinkin' attributes! I "think" the related_categories_mode attribute with the dynamic attribute did some type of EE collision. Live and learn, people... live and learn.


I think you are passing to many attributes. Try something this:

    dynamic="no" limit="3"


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