Since Layout templates are so handy (cutting the template into interchangeable header/sidebar/footer, etc), why should our use an embed tag? Any ideas on when you should not use an embed tag over a layout tag?

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One simple difference is that you can use only 1 layout template to do what takes at least 2 embeds to be done: header and footer code sections. Every template parsing you save counts.

You can use embeds for several things:

  • to nest the same module inside itself or modules which have conflicting variables inside each other, because this can cause serious conflicts on the same template. Like a exp:channel:entries tag inside another one or a exp:comment:entries inside a exp:channel:entries;
  • to have a different template cache time on an embed from the template it's loaded;
  • to have similar templates loading at different URLs, if you are too scared of routes. Something like /cars and /boats loading the same template;

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