I am building a site that lists different service providers.

On each service provider's page there is a contact form (the same form for each service provider).

The email address of each service provider (the recipient) is in the channel entry.

How can I get the email sent to each respective service provider - as well as the site owner?

I am trying to avoid using a different script for each form - and I don't want to expose the recipient's email address in the page code.

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If you look at the Template Parsing order, you will see that segment variables are parsed before Preload Replace Variables. You can take advantage of that.

{if segment_2 == "foo"}
    {preload_replace:pr-recipient="[email protected],"}
{if:elseif segment_2 == "bar"}
    {preload_replace:pr-recipient="[email protected],"}


{exp:email:contact_form user_recipients="no" recipients="{pr-recipient}[email protected]" charset="utf-8"}



I'm not exactly sure how the above answer would have worked, I'm really not sure I understood it. :/

However, I was able to accomplish what I wanted pretty easily with Solspace's Freeform. Also I needed custom fields which Freeform is great at doing.

Also I need to mention Solspace has awesome support.

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