EE 3.4.2

Working on an EE3 Extension.

I am able to utilize the channel_form_entry_form_tagdata_start to inject the custom field I need to for my Extension. This is a simple field (text) that is only being 'checked'. It isn't being added to the entry or the database.

The problem is when I try to capture that field using the channel_form_submit_entry_start hook, my injected field is nowhere to be found.

I can verify it is being added and rendered in the form Channel Entry form as needed, but nothing is passed.

Again, I don't need it to be added to the entry and it isn't being kept in the db. Should the submission not be passing the data in the POST??

In my method for the hook, I am simply dumping the results to see everything like this:

var_dump($channel_form_obj); exit;

  • Are you saying that it doesn't show up in the $channel_form_obj only, or is it not being added to $_POST at all? Have you checked $_POST directly? Pretty sure that the object passed by the extension will already be sanitized to only include fields it knows about. – Derek Hogue Sep 27 '16 at 13:15
  • Derek, yea, I was making this harder on myself than I needed to. It was in the SG $_POST data. I was looking left when I should have been looking right. ;) – W3bGuy Sep 27 '16 at 13:18

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