loping through channel entries tag, I can use {title} for the title of the article.

inside the channel entries loop for the specific article, I use an EE partial with get list inside. Inside the list I have a stash var called "title".


While using the EE partial, {title} always prints the title of the actual channel entry. While using it not as EE partial, but as an EE embed, the var {title} is choosen from the stash list.


//stash embed which creates the list with related entries
{exp:stash:embed:ech:stash_related_entries stash:entry_id="{entry_id}"}

{exp:channel:entries url_title="{segment:entry}" dynamic="off"}
   //display the detail article

   //show related article inside the body of the article


code EE partial:

    {exp:stash:parse process="end"}
        {exp:stash:get_list name="dataRelated"}
            //HERE prints the title of the detail entry


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