the mod.cartthrob.php has the cart_items_info function.

On that function I have

    foreach ($data as &$row)
        $row['cart_count'] = $count;
        $row['cart_total_results'] = $total_results;
        $row['first_row'] = ($count === 1) ? TRUE : FALSE;
        $row['last_row'] = ($count === $total_results) ? TRUE : FALSE;
        //added by me
        $row['conversion_rate'] = $this->EE->cartthrob->store->config('Cartthrob_stripe_settings')['stripe_conversion_rate'];


But the stripe_conversion_rate key was added by me in the file. I don't think this is the way, because I should not edit the core files. So in my case how can I add that key so in the html file to have access to conversion_rate:


CartThrob does not allow you to modify any of its tag functions. In this case you're better off creating your own small plugin which returns the value of $this->EE->cartthrob->store->config('Cartthrob_stripe_settings')['stripe_conversion_rate'];.

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