Is it possible to order search results by two fields? I have two price fields - price & sale_price and ideally need to order by both fields. Can this be done using the custom filters?

{exp:low_search:filters query='{segment_3}' result_page='products/results'}
    <select name="orderby_sort">
        <option value="">
            Order by
        <option value="{low_search:url orderby_sort='price|asc'}"{if '{low_search_orderby_sort}' == 'price|asc'} selected{/if}>
            Price (Low to High)
        <option value="{low_search:url orderby_sort='price|desc'}"{if '{low_search_orderby_sort}' == 'price|desc'} selected{/if}>
            Price (High to Low)

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Yes, by using separate orderby and sort parameters, eg:

{low_search:url orderby="foo|bar" sort="asc|desc"}

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