I'm a beginner to EE and I'm looking for a way to add "" to any paginated pages in a Blog template in EE.

Is there any way to check in header if it's a paginated page and, if so, display this tag?



Ideally you don't want to lock your code to a specific segment and also for better performance comparing existing variables is better than running a regular expression.

My best recommendation, albeit a bit overkill just for this one conditional is to use the brilliant Mo' Variables plug-in, mainly because it adds loads more variables that are really useful to your build and obviouly make your code more readable...

{if paginated}

Assuming you have a page of content (entry_id) for the listing page, you could use this comparison:

{if url_title == last_segment}
   {!-- This is the first page (not pagination) --}
   {!-- This is a paginated page --}

If the page only contains listed entry_id's, you could use this conditional:

{if last_segment ^= "P"}
   {!-- This is a paginated page --}

...Although this assumes that the template used hasn't got a segment already that starts with a capital P!

Checking for any above page one (obviously this only works inside the {paginate} tag pair)...

{if current_page > 1}

The official documentation suggests this:

{if segment_3 ~ "/^P\d+/"}paginated{/if}

But I'd try to opt for this version instead:

{if last_segment ~ "/^P\d+/"}paginated{/if}

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