I would like to display the number of entries of a given category within the same channel, and nothing else.

I've found this older question Display the number of entries in a channel but that does not solve my problem - I cannot add a category_id to the stats module, and I'm not much familiar with the Query module - but still haven't found anything useful in the documentation.

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Maybe something like {exp:channel:entries channel="my_channel" category="2" dynamic="no"} {absolute_results} {/exp:channel:entries}


You can do this using the very helpful add-on "Category Construct". Something like this... all you need to know is the ID(s) of the channel(s) you want to count the entries for), and the ID of the category concerned.

{exp:category_construct:categories channel_id="{your_first_channel_id|your_second_channel_id|...etc}" cat_id="{your_chosen_category_id}" entry_count="true"}

Alternatively, this will output a list of categories and counts for a channel.

 {exp:category_construct:categories channel_id="{your_first_channel_id|your_second_channel_id|...etc}" entry_count="true"}
   <li>{construct:cat_name}: {construct:level_count} entries</li>


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